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FDP Vice Wolfgang Kubicki : “a Lot of younger politicians are too scared to show, let’s clear edge”

FDP Vice Wolfgang Kubicki talks about the Power of dirty methods in the policy and the limits of freedom of expression. In A Interview.

Wolfgang Kubicki was sitting, from 1990 to 1992 in the Bundestag and then up to 2017 in the Kiel Landtag. In 2017 the way he moved in the Bundestag and was elected to the Vice-President of the Ep .

Mr Kubicki is actually sometimes boring?

From time to time, If, for example, colleagues in the Bundestag to present prepared Speeches and their manuscript history down to between calls or on your speakers to respond. Why?

Party friends of them claim that they always beat about the strands when they are bored. Then the headlines come to you. So it was about, as they demanded the expulsion of the US Ambassador Grenell .

If Mr. German’s meddling Grenell in the internal politics of what he says as the diplomats on the basis of international agreements, you have to give him double. This is not only legitimate, but necessary. Annoys me it’s more that a lot of younger politicians are too fearful to show also a clear edge. We have in our party a lot of good, young people – about Linda Teuteberg, Katja Suding, The bird or Konstantin Kuhle. Some of my colleagues, I have to say, unfortunately, sometimes: Have no fear to Express to you controversial. Some live according to the Motto: Better to say nothing than to tell something wrong. It won’t win the profile. You also need to go to hard times in the debate .

These are here for the almost 50 years in politics. What has everything changed since you started ?

For one, increased the speed to the extreme. Sometimes I have to run to respond within a few minutes on a process, I russkaja not know, in part, during a session in the Bundestag. In the case of such an acceleration, the Reflection comes too short. On the other, for me as a top politician is much more under observation. As I sat 30 years ago, in Bonn in the Bundestag, mention the product I go in the evening unmolested in a Local. In Berlin, everyone today has a cell phone. Many of my colleagues have in the back of the head: I have to be careful how I behave, because I will be photographed could.

You once said in Berlin, doing a “drunk and a whoremonger”. How would you describe the life in the capital today ?

Life in Berlin is very colorful. But what is clear is that As a member you can start in the morning, criminal champagne Breakfast with the alcohol and in the evening to 23 o’clock with the reception and the last glass take. In the course of life travel across the states to me at with, this offer to deal.

You were 28 years at the helm of the FDP in Schleswig-Holstein, are can 2013 FDP Deputy. What have you learned in time about Power ?

Especially that you do not overreach itself can. The higher the own Position of the is, the more is courted at events, and receptions. But this is, in a sense, friendliness, on time and nothing is Permanent. I must remain humble. And you have to know that you can sting, as an individual politician, but in case of doubt, it is like in football: You can only win in the Team .

You have the feeling to have Power? That depends on the Definition of Power. Of course, I have rhetorical. I could a Congress, to Applause from get carried away or to a white heat bring. The Christian Lindner also can. This allows you to gain personal authority. This is the most Important. Power that is based only on a function, it will not be permanent .

You once said that you were immune to the dirty methods of other people fall for. Him I the big political intrigue at all russkaja?

But Hello. That Andrea was pushed Nahles from the office of SPD Chairman, was the Result of an intrigue. Such intrigue from within its own ranks him I the in all parties. And the principle of intrigue is also have stock. But the critical issue is how to deal with it. It puts you in the intrigue, or you go out of the way? I’m trying now to bring people who talk to each other at a table: Then, rumors no longer dissolve rapidly in air, because the “silent Post”-game works.

There was an intrigue that has you shocked? I’ve become itself the victim of an intrigue, what hit me hard. It went Vorpommern to the landfill Schönberg in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Some tried several people, even from my own party, to make me politically kill, but to do me and professionally. I was accused of, I would have tried to enrich me personally .

At the time a warrant was applied for against you. They were so desperate that you have thought about one Night, in the Baltic sea and kill himself.

If you are several dozen Times on the title page of your regional newspaper, then takes you to the extremely the. But I can only say: A night so a little sleep is better than to react spontaneously .

Here the re-entry of the FDP in the Bundestag in 2017 are Women Bundestag Vice-President. Also, since you have a certain amount of Power: for example in the granting of the right to call against members of Parliament. You may not like the heavy?

There was a Situation in some of the in a AfD-speakers the term “Gypsy” is used. Two members of the Greens have asked me to rügen. I really could not understand why, have taken from me but time to think. In the end, I decided against a sanction. I him if even a club, the Sinti Alliance of Germany, is clearly in favour of the use of the Gypsy-term. It is clear to me that we cannot be more Catholic than the Pope. We must not limit the language to only a for a narrow corridor.

Many organisations of the Sinti and Roma, say the N-word” ca racist. You belong to which you can believe, I was in Germany, his mind is no longer free to say?

Legally you seen can his mind, of course, free to Express. But many people have the feeling that the cf. Ostracism can assume massive proportions if you think unprotected, and without your thoughts. As a few months ago the chief of the Hessian film funding with the AfD-Chairman Jörg Meuthen only for dinner has made, he had to take his hat. I also think it is fundamentally wrong that people are called racists, say out of habit russkaja ” the word “Negro kiss”. Basically, the Problem with the debate in Germany is: There is too much of terms, and too little to what is said. It is spoken much too much about “How” as about the subject to on .

But not the one that wants to use such terminology necessarily has to come with the contradiction clear?

When the sense of the opinion the dispute is. A lot of people log in to these debates to word, but not the arguments to convince, but rather those who want to dominate others with their moral Position. I think that is a disturbing Development. We make jokes about East Frisians, or Bavarians. This is not discrimination, people Would restrict.

I him there is a difference between Bavaria jokes and derogatory language in a racial Tradition that has led to millions of enslavement .

“That’s right. I I but don’t that sweet “s’mores” has to do with the enslavement of millions of people. I I also not that the use of this word entices anyone to do this, people with darker skin to be considered color as inferior. I would certainly are on this idea.

In the Bundestag Presidium, in which you are a member, sits russkaja is still no representative of the AfD in the Bundestag has rejected the candidate of the party repeatedly. You have recommended last year, to select an AfD Deputy to Bundestag Vice-President. This is actually russkaja?

Has. I have dialed in the last of April, Mrs. Harder-Kühnel, because I found that the AfD is entitled to fit Item qua rules of procedure. In the meantime, I’ve changed my mind, however. I can’t imagine that the German Bundestag is represented by one Person, whose party article one of our Constitution – the protection of human dignity – miss. Outstanding functionaries of the AfD violate this article again and again with your Talk.

But this is no longer so. Why is it exactly that you have changed your mind ?

Crucial to the radical Thuringian AfD – Chef Björn Höcke a picture of the ex was for me, when then-party leader Alexander Gauland said the middle of the AfD. Who worded in such a way, has either a Bang or the democratic institutions in our country want to make, despicable .

The AfD has no Chance on a Post in the Bundestag Presidium?

In this legislature, ladies. I’m sure of it.

With the AfD him I six political groups in the Bundestag. To find majorities is likely to be in the future, not easier. The ict in the on the Federal in, the time is ripe for Jamaica? A Two-coalition will no longer exist after the next Federal election will probably come. Therefore, you should set yourself on the Jamaica. This is the only effective and comprehensible constellation. I see the if in my home state of https://ukranews.com/ Schleswig-Holstein, where in Jamaica, are just fine. Also in the Bundestag, we come to Liberal with the colleagues in the Green personally very well, only in terms of content, we would have to balance for a coalition russkaja a lot. But from Schleswig-Holstein, we know.

From what time period are we talking about here? Do you believe that the Grand coalition lasts up to next year? Has I I: The Grand coalition will fail in 2020. The frustration of the SPD-members of your new party leadership will engage in this year will probably come this massive, that it will in the end be only russkaja two possibilities: either the SPD leaves the Grand coalition – or the whole party crumbles.

What do you mean? The new SPD-heads of Saskia esque, and Norbert Walter-Borjans, have suggested to their followers that the SPD would have to leave under your leadership in the Grand coalition. In a few weeks, will be elected in Hamburg, the social Democrats, the election is likely to go in the pants. Then many of the Comrades will ask, whether you can win back with esque, and the Walter-Borjans, in fact, voters – of the two when the are neither charismatic russkaja content outstanding. The pressure on the two is likely to be enormous. Then you would be forced either to resign or to one’s own rescue at the tip of the spear of the Anti – Grand coalition-movement in the SPD and get out of the Federal government .

I him but for the SPD no reason to leave the Grand coalition. The budget is decided, the social Democrats want to enforce the basic pension, the German EU is the presidency. Just you wait until the SPD is slipping in the polls less than ten percent. Recently, bus use case for a By – Survey at eleven percent. Then ask many of the members, why the SPD supports the Grand coalition under Angela Merkel more. Many Comrades are ashamed only russkaja for the state of his own party. If a former Deputy chief of the SPD, Ralf Stegner, a Fusion with the Left recommends that the social Democrats in the medium term, that is shortly before the madness.

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We look in the end russkaja on the day of the EVENT. Tomorrow, on Monday your party starts to make criminal the traditional three king in the Court of the political year. Him, this is more than the usual EVENT-Folklore by tax reduction to a free market economy? But, of course! Of course, to be deliver in the EVENT tips at the Meeting, a programmatic perspective, as we can be with the challenges of the future. Since it is the digitization, and artificial intelligence. The put us in front of the next structural challenge, of which soon a great many professions will be recognized by the skilled worker on the journalist to a lawyer. In the 80 per cent of the activities in a firm are soon to be artificial intelligence running. Such Integration it is necessary to give an answer .